Meet The Team

Aaron P. Bailey

Founder and President

Aaron Bailey founded 601am in 2007 after a career helping Manhattan publishers learn how to do a new thing called "blogging." The company is named after the time he was born, sorta. Ask to hear the story. He heads 601am's business development efforts and making sure the entire team is successfully delivering value to clients.

Mike Emily

Director of Client Experience

Born and raised a mile high, Mike is a proud Colorado native and Denver dweller. With an educational background in foreign language and business, Mike works hard to ensure clients are happy, their projects are on time, and their budgets aren't blown.

Andrew Dederich

Director of Technology

Having worked his way up from technical support, to web application engineer, Andrew now leads 601am's development team to create innovative solutions while cultivating working relationships. Andrew's interests include German cars, mountain sports, cheese and kringle (The best pastry known to any Wisconsinite).

Brandon Hess

Director of Marketing

Brandon spends his days reading up on marketing trends and scouring over analytics. Brandon initially began his career as a web designer and online content editor in the newspaper industry before eventually transitioning into the digital agency and startup. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, being tall and imagining the multiple ways Batman could win in a fight.

Betsy Fraisse-Bailey

Director of Operations

Betsy got her start in the online publishing industry in New York City, working for American Express Publishing and Harris Interactive. When she isn't coordinating support for 601am's global clients, she loves to travel throughout Europe and play volleyball.

Charlie Gorichanaz


Armed with a degree in complexity and nearly a decade of successful product launches for publishers and global companies, Charlie loves to learn your process and pain points to help you achieve ideal outcomes. He also enjoys time zone math and his optimized sleep schedule.

Julia Mayhugh

Designer and Developer

Julia has almost 20 years experience in design, user experience, and web development. After moving to Colorado from the east coast in 2008 to study painting at Rocky Mountain College of Design, she has over 6 years of Drupal development and design and is currently teaching herself iOS development.

Derek Cronk

Designer and Developer

With almost two decades experience in building websites and digital products, Derek has worn the hats of UI and UX designer, front-end developer, and site architect. Having experience with many content management and web application systems, Drupal has been a focus for 7 years. He enjoys being creative with music and photography and relaxing in the Colorado mountains.

Jeff Shamley


Jeff Shamley has experiences in Drupal, WordPress and JavaScript development. When not creating killer online experiences Jeff rides bikes, drinks beer and yells at football on TV.

Celia Herrera


Celia has been a web designer and developer, specializing in User Interface, User Experience Design, and Drupal development since 2007. Celia's eye for UI and UX has been developed over numerous projects with an extensive client history ranging from PBS to Washington University.

Jason Hamilton-Mascioli


With over 15 years of programming experience, Jason has worked for over 100 startups globally that have accumulated over $15M in funding and exits. In addition to specializing in startups, teaching and QA, he enjoys coding in PHP, ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter.

Walter Huf

System Engineer

Bringing along his wide-ranging experience with Linux systems, Walter joins the team to help with server configuration and monitoring. He enjoys learning and trying new things on his home server cluster and then sharing his knowledge on the job.

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