Movable Type Features

Movable Type has a proven record of powering some of the best websites and blog networks. Open, scalable and supported, Movable Type 5 has features that appeal to the many users of your content management system — content editors, designers, developers, community, administrators and enterprise users.

For Content Editors

Authors and editors will appreciate MT's powerful content management features:

  • Access all of your content in one user dashboard.
  • Add and manage existing content through a powerful content editing screen.
  • Collaborate with others through content revision history.
  • Sort and filter content through MT's powerful Listing Framework.
  • Manage website images, files and other assets in one convenient screen.

Movable Type features for editors

For Designers

Easy theming! No PHP required! MT's flexible template system is simple and easy to learn. If you can code basic HTML and learn a few special tags, you can build a rich Movable Type theme that includes template sets, custom fields, categories, or even static files.

Movable Type features for designers

For Developers

Movable Type is fully extensible. Build plugins that extend functionality or integrate with other platforms.

Movable Type features for developers

For Community

Build and manage a strong community with powerful features:

  • Registration and member profiles
  • Commenting
  • Rating/favoriting content and comments
  • Powerful moderation capabilities

For Administrators

Movable Type has a proven history of being a secure and easy to administer CMS platform.

  • Serve content as static HTML, dynamically output through PHP or a combination of the two.

Movable Type features for administrators

For Enterprise

In addition to all of the features above, Movable Type Advanced licenses provide:

  • Extra database support: Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle
  • LDAP integration
  • Group user management