Movable Type Services

User Experience and Design

We design impactful websites. We believe in rich user interaction, seamless branding design, and smooth flow. We teach our clients how to implement the best practices in user experience, and how to extend those best practices into building communities and translating that expertise across web and mobile platforms.

Theme Development

We build the best Content Management Systems for blogs and full websites. Our tailored approach allows us to build large consumer-focused CMS driven websites that work with your needs. Our in-house staff can also help you with content migration from legacy and proprietary systems as well as redesigning and redeveloping your entire website. This full-service approach ensures that you get the best quality Movable Type environment with no hassle.

Plugin Development

Need to extend your content management system? Our developers will work with you to build the right plugins for your business requirements.

Movable Type Hosting Architecture

601am can work with your IT/hosting team to build the appropriate CMS hosting architecture scalable to your traffic needs.

Mobile and Social Media Integration

We'll help you integrate MT with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other popular social media websites, as well as easily publish your content to mobile applications, blast to email newsletter subscribers, and help your website serve as a hub for your online publishing and marketing.

Support and Training

We provide reliable content management system support and training. We can work along side your existing IT or marketing department, or we can serve as them for you, providing complete support and consulting. We have a fast turn around when launching new features or microsites, and we also train your staff with a clear, easy to understand approach.